Big Stretch Reminder


Big Stretch is a free simple reminder tool that prompts a user to take regular breaks and helps prevent the symptoms of RSI. Alternatively it can be a simple reminder program to tell you when it’s your coffee break!

Big Stretch example popup
Example Reminder


  • Set the amount of time between breaks
  • Choose between predefined or your own message(s)
  • Select the reminder style, balloon, popup or micro-break
  • Pick the level of intrusiveness (depending on strictness)
  • Optionally pick a sound for your reminder
  • Increase reminders automatically to suit your work rate
  • Various other adjustments to suit you

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Download Free

(v2.1, Released May 2019, MSI Installer)

For Windows 7, 8 and 10

Big Stretch is completely free and contains no spyware or crapware